Saale mangroves – Group Event

This tour is for nature lover and adventurer, who want to experience nearly untouched flora and fauna. Everglades-Feeling in Thuringia!

The tour starts close to the center of Jena under the food of the Jenzig. The rivers passes after a short time the historical Bridge of Kunitz and the ruin of the Kunitzburg can be studied.

Afterwards the straightened part of the river will be left and the boats are moved at a barrage in the old river arm of the Saale. Here is the nature the ruler and the river goes a few kilometers a long a landscape that are not cultivated from the humans. Therefore only Kayaks and Candian (canoe) can be used on this tour.

At the end of the tour it is possible to make a BBQ on the river and the shuttlebuses are waiting to bring everyone back to the starting point.

on request

in canoe / kayak / raft

  • incl. equipment
  • incl. transfer
  • Distance: 13 km / Duration: 4 hrs.