Bad Kösen – Naumburg

This tour begins in the quaint therapeutic city of Bad Kösen. Here you can breathe the rejuvenating salty air produced from the “Gradierwerk twig towers, or literally translated, “Graduation Towers”. .  

Throughout the tour you will experience 1 “Pass-around Point” for which you will have to exit the river with your canoe, and re-enter a short distance down stream. 

Beginning your journey down the Saale River and through surrounding forests, you may catch a glimpse of several native animals; the turquoise river kingfisher, various types of heron, cormorants, and nutrias all in their natural habitat. If you are lucky, you may even see turtles and European Otters!  

Continuing down the Saale you will pass picturesque vineyards of Bad Kösen and Kloster Pforta Monastery. The views here are breath taking as towering cliffs seem to appear directly out of the water. 

Shortly before arriving in Naumburg the river quickens, creating a rapid. At this point in the tour you will experience a “pass-around point”.  Here you must exit the river with your canoe, and re-enter a short walk down stream.  As you continue on your way down the Saale you will be able to see the joining of the Unstrut River and the Saale.  

It is important to note that in the last stretch of the river, motorboats are permitted and could cross your path.   

Finally, the city of Naumburg will appear on the right side of the river, with its famous cathedral and Wenzel-Church, designed in the late gothic style.    

At our station in Naumburg-Henne the tour ends; however, feel free to explore the quintessential German city of Naumburg and it’s picturesque architecture. 

  • Safety instruction und rules of paddling on rivers
  • Introduction in the handling of the boats and paddling-techniques
  • Route-explanation and notes on pass-around points and locks
  • A relaxing boat-trip in the Saale valley
  • Duration: 4 hours incl. breaks
  • Organized transfer to Bad Kösen
  • Canoe, kayak or raft
  • Paddle
  • Life-jackets / swimming vests
  • Waterproof luggage-box
  • Map
  • Appropriate clothes / shoes according to weather conditions
  • i.e. sunscreen / headgear
  • 2nd outfit / towel
  • negotiable

28 € (per Adult) / 21 € (per Child)

Saturdays and holidays
for full-day fare

Difficulty: Medium


in canoe/ kayak / raft

  • incl. equipment
  • incl. return transfer
  • Distance: 12 km / Duration: 3,5 hrs.
  • Pass-around-points or Locks: 1