Mountain and wine – Group Event

Where the river turns east and leaves Thuringia – there sanding high over the water on the top of the rocks the imposing  Saaleecksburg and Rudelsburg. Both used to secure the traid road in former times and are our starting point for this tour.

Small rapids give a sense (feeling) for the power of the Saale, which formed this valley a long time ago.  After this spectacle it goes along the Kösner Pforte into the health resort “Kurort” Bad Kösen. Little Cafés around the center invite for a short rest.

On the way from here to the Cathedral City Naumburg small islands in the river will be passed from time to time.  The vineyards around the estuary of the Unstrut are  good places to finish the day – no matter if you have a wine tasting or perhaps an organized BBQ.

on request

in canoe / kayak / raft

  • incl. equipment
  • incl. transfer
  • Distance: 13 km / Duration: 4 hrs.