Stand Up Paddling

Experience a whole new paddle-feeling! From this season on, you can enjoy selected routes and regional lakes from a brand-new point of view by chosing Stand-Up-Paddling boards from our rental.

Proper equipment for any occasion – wether first steps for curious guys on a learning-board or a maximum of flexibility for touring with advanced paddlers – no problem with our inflatable iSUP’s and their small dimension. After a short introduction into the handling of the SUP boards on the according watercourse an a demonstration of the appropriate paddling-techniques by one of our tour-guides you can start your adventure!

Rental-price incl. equipment

up to 2hup to 4hFull-dayFri-Sun
20 €30 €40 €110 €

Includes SUP/iSUP – Board, paddle, life-jackets, safety instructions, map, small waterproof luggage-box, air pump (iSUP Multi-day)