Ways into paradise – Group Event

The boat trip starts in centre of Rothenstein, which is located in front of the gates of Jena. The river goes along the Saale-Valley where are small rapids passed.

The impressive atmosphere of limestone cliffs and wild riverbanks gives a hint of former times when the raftsman (Flößer) came along the river.

The barrage in Burgau protects the city Jena and reduces the stream of the Saale. It is as well the transition in to the urban area of this tour. The tamed Saale flows now in the Paradies Parkand  the city center, where the tour can be finished with a visit of a bar, restaurant or an organised BBQ.

on request

Difficulty: Medium


in canoe / kayak / raft

  • incl. equipment
  • incl. transfer
  • Distance: 11 km / Duration: 3-4 hrs.