Winegrower and mill – Group Event

Laucha, a nice city where bells used to be produced, is the start point of our winegrower and mill trip.

It takes only a small walk down from the sailplane airport to the vineyards and the landing stage – and adventure the can begin!

After some time paddling the city Balgstädt show up. From here it is already possible to the castle from Freyburg, the Neuenburg, with his castle keep. Behind the local barrage/take-aorund-point, which has to be passed, comes after a short time the historical mill called Zeddenbach and makes up for this effort.

A stopover with a guided tour through the mill and a BBQ on the Unstut-island could be a highlight of your tour, especially if you consider the nice view to the vineyards you will have.

Different combinations like a Bike and Boat Trip, a Trabbi-Safari (classic car from GDR) oder a winetasting after the tour are possible and will make you trip to something special.

Gruppen Event - Saalestrand Kanu

on request

Difficulty: Easy


in canoe / kayak / raft

  • incl. equipment
  • incl. transfer
  • Distance: 27 km / Duration: 7 hrs.