Orlamünde – Jena

The tour from Orlamünde to Jena starts in the village of Orlamünde near Rudolstadt. At the beginning of your trip the limestone hills surrounding the Saale River Valley will be in full view. Throughout the tour you will experience 5 “Pass-around Points” for which you will have to exit the river with your canoe, and re-enter a short distance down stream.

The first town you will come to will be that of Orlamünde, whose name comes from the Orla River, which joins the Saale here.

Continuing down the Saale River and surrounding forests, you may catch a glimpse of several native animals: the turquoise river kingfisher, various types of heron, cormorants and/or nutrias all in their natural habitat. If you’re lucky, you may even see turtles and European Otters!


Further down the Saale you will come to the town of Kahla, also known as “The Porcelain City”. In the distance you also can see the Leuchtenburg Fort.

From Kahla you will paddle through the beautiful Saale River Valley (Saaletal) alongside impressive limestone cliffs. The river will take you along the Helenenstein cliff and the Lobdeburg Fort, located on the right side of the Saale.

Throughout the tour you will paddle by small islands, and experience small rapids, which keep the tour adventurous.

This Tour ends on the Burgauer Wehr, or Burgauer Dam in the city of Jena. Here in Jena the Saale flows alongside beer gardens and historic bridges in the Burgau district, while minutes away the city center boasts futuristic architecture, as well as Historical landmarks. It’s well worth your time to discover Jena’s lovely City Centre, Botanical Gardens, Paradies-Park, and more after your tour.

  • Safety instruction und rules of paddling on rivers
  • Introduction in the handling of the boats and paddling-techniques
  • Route-explanation and notes on pass-around points and locks
  • A relaxing boat-trip in the Saale valley
  • Duration: 7-8 hours incl. breaks
  • Organized transfer to starting point in Orlamünde
  • Canoe, kayak or raft
  • Stand Up Paddling: SUP/iSUP-Board
  • Paddle
  • Life-jackets / swimming vests
  • Waterproof luggage-box
  • Map
  • Appropriate clothes / shoes according to weather conditions
  • i.e. sunscreen / headgear
  • 2nd outfit / towel
  • Start: negotiable
Rudolstadt(Zeutsch)-Jena - Saalestrand-Kanu

€ 31 (adult) / 21 € (child)
excl. transportation

minimum 10 participants


Difficulty: Advanced


in canoe / kayak / raft

  • incl. equipment
  • incl. transfer
  • Distance: 26 km / Duration: 7 – 8 hrs.
  • Pass-around points and/or Locks: 5